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Sweeten69 Secretion Sweetener

Sweeten69 Secretion Sweetener

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Sweeten69 Secretion Sweetener 30 Tablet Bottle

Try the sample first! If you don't like it, return the unopened bottle for your money back!

Sweeten 69: An all-natural chewable tablet for both men and women that naturally sweetens the flavor of your bodily secretions/fluids. After, taking Sweeten69 both you and your partner will experience longer more enjoyable foreplay sessions due to a more tasty body part! Share with a friend; you can’t 69 alone! It’s time to make “oral sex” a bit more tasteful and exciting.


  • Secretion sweetener
  • Last longer during foreplay
  • Your bodily fluids will taste a bit more tasty and will help eliminate unwanted odors.
  • People who take Sweeten69 report more satisfying oral sex

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