Beamonstar Discovers Next Magic Sex Pill Magic Mike, Total Diva Sex Enhancers for Men, Women Now Available From Beamonstar

PHOENIX – February 25, 2015 — Beamonstar Products has added the latest development in sex enhancement supplements for men and women with the addition of Magic Mike and Total Diva.
Total Diva is a peppermint-flavored sublingual (under-the-tongue) strip that enhances sexual pleasure for women. Fun and easy to consume, Total Diva tastes great and delivers fast results — effects will be felt within 10-15 minutes.
Total Diva is also available as a tablet, and can be purchased as a single dose, 2-pack and 10-count. Beamonstar also offers Total Diva in combo packs that include one-tab plus one strip packs; two-strip plus two-tab packs; and 10-tablets plus 10 strips. Users get the best value as well as the best results when taking the strip and tablets combined.
Magic Mike delivers an experience unlike any other sex enhancement supplement on the market. This unique blend of herbs work harmoniously together with specific extracts to stimulate blood flow to the genital area resulting in increased sexual stamina, heightened desire, and maximum size.

This fast-acting, natural formula provides stronger, longer-lasting erections and increased pleasure for both partners. Magic Mike offers quick, guaranteed results that will enable couples to shine in the bedroom.
For optimal results, take one tablet during activity. Magic Mike works in as little as two hours and typically last 48 to 72 hours.
Magic Mike’s revolutionary formula includes: Indian Corn Pollen, Pole Pine Pollen, Choke Cherry Enzyme, Boletus Mushroom Spore, Prickly Pear Cactus Root Extract, Aloos Powder, Navajo Willow Extract, Western Polypody, Tunas Seed Extract, Cattail Root Extract, Pussy Willow Extract, Sweet Grass, Sage, Pinyo Pea Seed, Bolander's Quillwort, Milk Weed Extract, Juniper Bark Extract, Yucca Extract, White Willow Extract, Cedar, Navajo Tea, Navajo Olives, and Bracken Fern.
Beamonstar Products is currently offering a buy two, get one free special for Magic Mike and Total Diva.
“Magic Mike and Total Diva are destined to be 2015’s bestsellers.” Beamonstar Products President Jeff Bolanos said. “These two formulas designed especially for men and women deliver immediate explosive results. Beamonstar is gearing up with plenty of stock for the overwhelming demand that we are expecting.”
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